Our Mission

The Cornish Heavy Horse Society aims to promote Heavy Horses and Working Horses within Cornwall and beyond by showing, attending Rallies and Country Fairs, holding working days, training days and supporting charity events and fund raising. Not all members have horses, but we all have a love of Heavies and enjoy being involved with them. Heavy Horses played a pivotal role in the agricultural and industrial revolutions working in the fields, mines, docks, quarries, factories, mills and alongside the canals and railways. At the turn of the 20th Century 2.6 million horses were at work in agriculture and industry. Following two World Wars, and the widespread introduction of tractors and lorries, numbers declined dramatically reaching an all time low in the 1950’s with some breeds nearing extinction.

Breed and Heavy Horse Societies such as the Cornish Heavy Horse Society have played an important part in encouraging the resurgence of these beautiful animals. We know that in modern society it is unlikely that we will return to using horses as we did in the past. However there is still a place for them to be worked in the 21st century, some of our members work their horses on their farms, smallholdings and woodlands and are helping to ensure that the skills of horsemanship do not die out.

They are now appreciated as riding and driving horses which is helping to broaden their appeal and ensure their continued existence. Many shows in Cornwall hold classes for Ridden Heavy Horses and they are always a spectacular sight.

We always welcome new members and if you are interested in joining us or want further information please email us.